Financing the costs of collection, treatment, and disposal of B2B WEEE

B2B Producers are required to finance the costs of collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of EEE from B2B users:

  • that they have produced and placed onto the market on or after 13 August 2005; or
  • where they are supplying new EEE intending to replace or carry out a similar function to those products that were placed onto the market before 13 August 2005 regardless of the Producer

This obligation can be fulfilled in several different ways:

  • The Producer can establish their own system of WEEE collection & take-back from their end users;
  • The Producer can enter into an agreement with their customer/end-user to make alternative arrangements to finance the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE thereby discharging this responsibility; or
  • The Producer can contact Transform to request WEEE collection and treatment from their site or their end-user/customers premises

You should advise your customers/end-users of the process you would like them to follow to arrange for collection and treatment of EEE that you produce (or historic EEE that you are replacing) once it reaches the end of life, regardless of the way in which you choose to fulfil this obligation.  This could be at the point of purchase, included in your terms & conditions of sale, included in your invoice, or the details placed on your website.  If you have opted to use Transform/Biffa to discharge this responsibility you can provide your customer with a copy of the Request for B2B Collection Flyer at the bottom of this page.

Transform are required to ensure that members comply with this obligation.  Therefore if your current arrangements change please complete the B2B WEEE Questionnaire and return to Transform

B2B WEEE Questionnaire (PDF Doc 42kb)

If a member finances the collection and treatment of WEEE, it should be treated by an Authorised Approved Treatment Facility (AATF) or sent to an Approved Exporter (AE) regardless of the option Producers choose to adopt to fulfil this obligation.  Evidence of the weight of WEEE collected, treated, recovered and disposed of is generated by an AATF or AE for each tonne of WEEE that they receive.  The AATF/AE will then issue a WEEE Evidence Note through the WEEE Settlement Centre to show that the WEEE has been treated in line with the requirements of the WEEE regulations and any other legislation relating to treatment and disposal.

Where you arrange for collection and treatment, please complete and return the B2B WEEE Collection Notification Form below to help us to track evidence and ensure that it is received

B2B WEEE Collection Notification Form (Word Doc 140kb)

If you would like Transform/Biffa to arrange for collection and treatment please complete the form below so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation.

Request for B2B Collection Form (Word Doc 144kb)

Request for B2B Collection Customer Flyer (Word Doc 131kb)

If you have any queries regarding your B2B obligations please contact us on 01494-556565 or via e-mail at



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