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Registration and Data Forms are legal documents and required to be signed by the Board Director or Company Secretary (or the person with the equivalent level in the company).

Alternatively, an approved person can be authorised by the Board Director or Company Secretary (or the person with the equivalent level in the company) to sign these legal documents, but we require an authorisation email to be sent to us ( for record.

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B2B Take Back Obligations

Under the WEEE Regulations 2013 producers of non-household EEE (B2B) are legally responsible for financing the cost of the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of any EEE:

  1. That they have placed onto the UK market since 13 August 2005; or
  2. Where they are supplying new EEE intended to carry out a similar function to those placed onto the UK market before 13 August 2005

Companies have two ways to meet this obligation;

  1. Inform the end user that they are responsible for financing the disposal of the product at end of life; or
  2. Provide a free of charge service to collect the product at the end of life

Please also provide the dates of any non-household WEEE collections and the names & site addresses of any AATFs your company has previously used OR send us copies of the documentation to show collections and recovery and treatment has been arranged

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If the 'producer' being registered is in fact a UK established company acting on behalf of a non-UK based producer in the legal capacity of an authorised representative appointed by the non-UK based company by way of written mandate the company/organisation name of the overseas producer will be required.
You will also need to provide a contact and an overseas address for the represented company.

Please note: if you fill the Overseas Producer Company Name field you must also fill the contact details below.

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