What is WEEE?

Any equipment that relies on electricity (providing the voltage does not exceed 1,000 AC or 1,500 DC) in order to perform its primary function and fits into one of the 14 categories outlined below is classed as EEE and falls under the remit of the Regulations 

The 14 categories of EEE are:

Category 1 – Large household appliances (cookers, microwaves, washing machines etc)

Category 2 – Small household appliances (clocks, toasters etc)

Category 3 – IT and Telecommunications equipment (PCs, mainframes, printers, phones etc)

Category 4 – Consumer equipment (radios, hifi, videos etc)

Category 5 – Lighting equipment

Category 6 – Electrical and electronic tools (drills, electric lawnmowers etc)

Category 7 – Toys, leisure and sports equipment (electric trains, games consoles, running machines etc)

Category 8 – Medical devices (dialysis etc)

Category 9 – Monitoring and control equipment (smoke detectors, thermostats etc)

Category 10 – Automatic dispensers (cash machines etc)

Display equipment (Computer screens and Televisions)

Cooling appliances containing refrigerants

Gas discharge lamps and LED light sources

Photovoltaic panels

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